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We do not teach children merely for the years during which they are under our care, but to benefit their whole lives.
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Waldorf school education is not a pedagogical system –
but an art, the art of awakening what is actually there within the human being.
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To be free is to be capable of thinking one’s own thoughts – not the thoughts merely of the body, or of society, but thoughts generated by one’s deepest, most original, most essential and spiritual self, one’s individuality.
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The smallest thing in its rightful place can lead to the highest goals.
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“Anthroposophy does not want to impart knowledge. It seeks to awaken life.”
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One of the fastest growing Waldorf Inspired schools of India

Uday, meaning ‘sunrise’, is the first and only school of Jaipur inspired by the Waldorf philosophy. It began as a Kindergarten in November 2014. With great support from its parent community, the school has been growing steadily and now offers classes till grade 5th with a commitment to grow by a class every year till grade 12th. Uday believes in keeping the learning holistic and experiential to develop a lifelong love for learning in all its students.

The heart of the Waldorf method is that education is an art-it must speak to the child’s experience. To educate the whole child, his heart and his will must be reached, as well as the mind

~ Rudolf Steiner

Waldorf Education – Most relevant for 21st Century

Waldorf Education is the fastest growing education movement of the 21st century. It is a worldwide independent school movement developed in Europe nearly 100 years ago by Austrian philosopher, social reformer, and visionary, Rudolf Steiner. It is based upon the sound understanding of human development, caters to the needs of the growing child at each stage of his development and helps children grow holistically.  Curriculum meets the need of the growing child and ensures that the learning is age appropriate, joyous and self -directed.

Waldorf Education nurtures the intellectual, psychological and spiritual unfolding of the child. The concerned parent and teacher will find a multitude of problems clearly addressed in this practical, artistic approach

~ Joseph Chilton Pearce

What we offer



Parent Toddler Program

Day Care

Gear up for being part of Uday Community

Choosing a school and an educational system for your child is one of the most important decisions that you will make.​

Our admissions procedure is more than simply filling out forms, providing documents, and paying fees for here at Uday we want to join and support parents and families in a partnership, the noble and collaborative task of educating their children.

What the parents say

It’s a great place for a child to grow and learn in a holistic manner. Waldorf Philosophy for schools is very impressive and effective in reality. And UDAY school is doing very well to implement it on ground. Personally I have grown as a parent during the lasy 1.5 years through active discussions with school teachers and facilitators, workshops with external experts and observing the curriculum activities. Great work!

Amit Goyal

Vaanya Goyal level-3

Thank you Uday Waldorf school for making learning so much fun. Homeschooling isn’t an easy task but all the teachers have mentored the Uday’s Parent community so well and have planned the curriculum and monthly rhythm so meticulously that all the children look forward to learning something new every day. Uday has truly been a blessing for all of us. Thank you for everything.

Jyotsana Maru Kothari

Advika’s Parent, 6 year old, Level 3

Uday Waldorf, along with Gurpreet ji, Parul Ma’am, and Ritu Ma’am are doing a wonderful job with the kids. These kids turn out to be confident, creative and most importantly patient and calm. I have always felt extremely well supported, helped by them for all my doubts. They are extremely organized and everything is happening in a very planned manner. In fact, I got in touch with them because a peer recommended them, which always speaks volumes. I am blessed Waldorf education came into my life and I would wish so for each and every young child.

Mahima Banthia, Kolkata

Lakshay’s mother, 6 year old, Level 3

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