Festivals and Ceremonies


Festivals and Ceremonies are a vital part of our school life and bring the entire community together to both witness the students in public performances and to participate in communal rituals, plays and celebrations.

In Uday, the elements of the festival—light, food, song and story—permeate the weekly school rhythm. Festivals are celebrated in ways that foster wonder, reverence and gratitude, which nourish the future capacity of the children to respond—to be responsible for and among the human community.

 Annual Carnival

 Every year, Uday celebrates Carnival in December marking its Birth anniversary. The Carnival is unique, as it is organized by the parent community of the school to pass the goodness they receive as the part of the Waldorf community to all the children of Jaipur and showcase the beautiful World of Waldorf to them and their parents. With plenty of hands-on experiential activities for all children, the carnival is one of its kind because in its spirit it is meant for community work and it’s presented by the Jaipur Waldorf community for a larger community of Jaipur open to children along with their parents to come and experience an alternative way of education and living.

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