Waldorf World Presence

Waldorf Education is one of the fastest growing independent school movements in the world with over 1100 schools in over 75 countries, more than 2000 early childhood programs on six continents, and over 600 institutions for curative education.


Waldorf education recognizes that human capacities unfold in three distinct developmental stages; early childhood, middle childhood, and adolescence. While there can be some minor variation in the timing of these phases, they roughly correspond to the first three seven year cycles of life.

Early childhood is the time from birth to approximately age 7 and the change of teeth. Middle childhood encompasses the grade school years from 7 to 14 and is a time of tremendous growth and changes in the child’s physical body as well as in their consciousness. One might say this is the heart of childhood. Adolescence has its earliest beginnings with the start of puberty but does not reach its fullest expression until the third seven year cycle of ages 14-21.

This is not a fixed or rigid timetable and there is some overlapping and variation with different individuals. Within each of these periods, there are highly predictable and recurring patterns in the child’s physical growth and soul development which is reflected in their mood, personal needs, and of course, their changing capacities for learning, comprehending, and working. Waldorf education honors these stages of human development to encourage healthy growth and maintain a truthfulness to the emerging individual.


Today, there are 30 Waldorf schools all over India as per data compiled by IASWECE. The first school ‘Sloka’ opened up in 1997 in Hyderabad. Almost at the same time ‘Tridha’ began in Mumbai. Many of the Waldorf schools are offering the curriculum from kindergarten to grade 10 and 12. Today there are many schools inspired by Waldorf philosophy in Indian cities including Delhi, Noida, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Bangalore, Coimbatore and Jaipur.