Vision & Mission


Uday’s purpose is to create a community dedicated to the pursuit of a better world. Founded on Rudolf Steiner’s humanitarian curriculum, Uday aims to awaken and inspire students’ critical thinking, emotional intelligence and artistic expression, preparing them to be self-motivated and responsible beings of the society.


Uday, meaning ‘sunrise’, was founded because a mother wanted to give more meaningful and holistic education to her child. As a mother herself, when Gurpreet, the founder of the school, started to search for the schools for her daughter, she felt a deep disconnect between what the existing education system had to offer and her own values and beliefs on the purpose of education. 

Gurpreet’s pursuit for an education system for her child that aligned with her values led her to Waldorf. 

Waldorf provided answers to many of her questions, for here was an education system which taught to the whole human being- encouraged greater social and moral responsibility, and allowed young children to be children rather than forcing them into an accelerated intellectualism. Inspired by the philosophy, Gurpreet quit her corporate career and set out on a new journey when she founded Uday Waldorf Inspired School of Jaipur. 

The school began as a Kindergarten in November 2014 with four children. With unconditional support from its parent community, the school has been growing  steadily. Uday believes in offering quality education and does not compromise on its ethos for quick growth. Today, Uday has moved beyond kindergarten & caters to children up to Grade 5. It will grow each year by one grade taking the school children forward on this enriching journey.


At Uday , we strive to create a social, cultural, and learning environment that recognizes the child’s spiritual freedom and growth. Inspired by Rudolf Steiner’s insights into human development, we are dedicated to balancing the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of each of our pupils in a way that gives them the confidence, resilience and insight to make a positive difference in the community and world around them throughout their lives. Uday’s curriculum engenders in its young people the academic, social, artistic, and practical abilities that will enable them to become self-reliant and resilient individuals capable of meeting whatever challenges they face in the future.

Children are self learners, we only support them