While Uday is not an “art school”, art does play a significant role in the curriculum as it makes an integrated part of the day-to-day learning pattern of the school. Students illustrate their own block books colorfully with the beautiful borders and drawings. They also perform wet-on-wet watercolor painting during the painting classes for understanding the fluidity of colors and making the best of their shades by blending them.  

Practical Arts

Practical arts woven throughout the Waldorf curriculum include knitting, sewing, felting, woodworking, metal working, clay sculpting and stone carving in later years.

Each project presents its own set of challenges and rewards: understanding the material, developing the dexterity needed to work with that material, designing, engineering, dealing with mistakes, and finally, experiencing the satisfaction of making a useful object.

Finger knitting and many different types of craftwork begin from the kindergarten itself.