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Welcome to BetterZindagi, its a site

our USP

We explain the root of emotions. In a easy and simple way. You can use these facts and information to understand and fix what’s wrong around you.

Core concepts / Book

  • Made for jungle – living in the city
    • Primal instincts – lead to disasters
    • Binary human moods theory
    • Scarcity mindset
    • adbundance mindset
  • Brain
    • Ilusion
    • makes connections
    • neural pathways – habits
    • how to change neural pathways and habits
    • Positive and negative triggers
    • Understand Trauma from evolutionary standpoint
  • Vairagya and dispassion
    • How to be emotionally independent and why
    • Gamify everything
    • Look at this photo of universe

  • minimalism
    • The definition of surival
    • Redesign your life
  • Why journaling works and power of journaling
  • Externalisation


  • sheet journal reviews
  • Apps reviews

Explained in detail

  • Why you procastinate important things
  • Why is everything going against you
  • Why people don’t want to listen to your complaints
  • Getting out from negative mindset
  • There’s possibility to take out good aspect in worst of things
  • Subservient – how to stop being people pleasing
  • Toxic people
    • Understand why people are toxic
    • how to deal with toxic people
    • Why are you not leaving the toxic environment
  • Disinterested in doing anything
  • One thing vs many things – what is right
  • It depends principle –
    • exterme view
    • centrist
    • nothing is inherently