Learn while you play: Toys for the holidays

A lot of parents today want a transition from mainstream plastic toys to more natural and nourishing toy. If they want to transform their child’s bedroom, they want to know what must have’s to be incorporated. Catering to the needs here are five most essential Waldorf toys which will help your child grow. 

  1. Play silks: Filled with beautiful colours, what’s wonderful about them is that they are so nourishing for a young child’s senses. They are so silky and soft to touch. Play silks are also calming and encourage gentler play. They can become a veil, a cape; a child can become a pirate with a sword. Children can make set ups too using green silks for a field, blue for water and so on. 
  1.  Play- stands: These are one of the classic Waldorf toys, and can be used in many ways. The shelf can become a puppet theatre or a store. With the arch or the canapé it can become a little house .A child doesn’t need a doll house; they need to build a house and be inside it rather than placing their dolls. It will give them more room for imagination. 
  1. Wooden blocks: Wooden blocks can be framed to be made play station for kids like a play kitchen which helps the child imitate the work of an adult. They love to do what they see their mommies and daddies doing. So they want to pretend to be able to do all that they see the adults doing at home! They can have tea –parties, and can entertain themselves. It’s mostly the heavily used areas in the Waldorf classrooms. 
  1. Wooden boards:  The most favourite of all the children is the wooden boards. It’s just a curved piece of wood that you will find children rock on. A small child will lie on the back of it, becoming a cradle and you can flip it over to make it a bridge. It has got so many uses! It is a quite essential Waldorf toy and is open ended, we can play with it however we want to.

So, grab them and let your child delve into his/her own world of imagination!

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